Donnerstag, 26. Juni 2008

"A Homepage for Hedwig DOHM- Year 2006 and a new edition

In: Feminist Europa. Review of Books. Vol. 5, No 1, 2005; Vol. 6, No 1, 2006; p. 68:

In 2006 we celebrate the 175th birthday of Hedwig Dohm (1831-1919). In 1873 Dohm became one of the first people to call for women's suffrage in Germany and she remained a vibrant voice for women's rights throughout her life. Her vast oeuvre consists of novels, novellas, serial novels, essays and drama - all of it in the Service of increased political, social and economic equality between men and women. This justifies making 2006 Hedwig Dohm Year, to embrace remembrance of this engaged and gifted writer.To date, many badly researched and error-ridden works on Dohm have appeared. (We'll note here as a single example that the mistaken birth year of 1833 remains in circulation!) A homepage will now offer well-researched data on the life and work of this extraordinary author and awaken renewed interest in her writing. The aim is a new and accurate collected works.

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